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"A band of eminent British researchers". Nothing else is known of his life, but it is clear that he was eminent amongst the Stoics of the period. Certain compilations still extant bear the falsely-assumed names of eminent writers, such as Pliny and Hippocrates. Connected with this rejection of ChuHi were such eminent names as those of Ito Junsai (1627-1718), ItO Togai (1617-1736), Ogyu SOrai (1666-1728) and Dazai Shuntai (1679-1747). paprika Balkanicus have already performed at some of London's most eminent clubs, most notably twice at the world famous MOMO's. ; d. 27. We are expecting the arrival of an eminent scientist. He is generally said to have formed the acquaintance of Sir Philip Sidney, Fulke Greville and other eminent Englishmen, but there has been much controversy as to the facts of his life in London. When we attempt to estimate Petrarch's position in the history of modern culture, the first thing which strikes us is that he was even less eminent as an Italian poet than as the founder of Humanism, the inaugurator of the Renaissance in Italy. Goschler, 1870); Herzog-Hauck, Realencyklopadie fir Protestantische Theologie and Kirche (3rd ed., Leipzig, 1896-1909), Protestant, but containing articles of universally recognized scientific authority on many aspects of the Roman Catholic Church; the Catholic Encyclopaedia (London and New York, 1907 ff. p. 211) as an eminent medical authority, and his opinion is also quoted by Aristotle. As we have seen, this hypothesis was fathered by Geoffroy St Hilaire in 1830 from his studies of Mesozoic Crocodilia, was sustained by Haldemann, and quite recently has been revived by such eminent palaeontologists as Louis Dollo and A. originated in all probability in the 8th century, when Bede, the eminent scholar and churchman, translated the first portion (chs. "Two eminent critics engaged in a verbal duel". But some of the most eminent of them, especially in Scotland, showed a marked capacity and predilection for historical studies. The Transfiguration, by Raphael, is an eminent example of this peculiar merit. After a careful education at home by eminent specialists, mostly Frenchmen,' he first went abroad in 1786. The posts were generally filled by eminent and capable men who had to keep the peace, enforce punishment for breach of the law, and take care that neither country encroached on the boundary of the other. MacLeod was tutored by the eminent piper and composer Duncan Johnston, and has won all of solo piping 's most coveted awards. 2. He was one of five brothers - the sons of Stephanus, a physician of Tralles - who were all more or less eminent in their respective departments. Benedict Spinoza, the eminent Jewish pantheist (1632-1677), to whom miracle is impossible, revelation a phrase, and who renews pioneer work in Old Testament criticism, finds at least a fair measure of liberty and comfort in Holland (his birth-land). Among McClintock's other publications are: Sketches of Eminent Methodist Ministers (1863); an edition of Richard Watson's Theological Institutes (1851); and The Life and Letters of Rev. He possessed great erudition and piety, and was eminent as a writer. They produced a brilliant succession of eminent scholars and scientists who transmitted to the Moslems the results of Babylonian civilization and Greek learning, and their influence at the court of Baghdad secured more or less toleration for Sabianism, although in the reign of Harlan al-Rashid the Harranians had already found it necessary to establish a fund by means of which the conscientious scruples of Moslem officials might be overcome. Several of these physicians were also eminent for their clinical teaching - an art in which Englishmen had up till then been greatly deficient. He corresponded with some of the most eminent scholars of his time on mathematical subjects; and his house was generally full of pupils from all quarters. The fundamental questions of Christianity, exhibited in theApostles' Creed, should be marked In response to an invitation issued by the archbishop of Canterbury, acting on a resolution of the Lambeth Conference of 1908, a committee of eminent scholars met in April and May 1909 for the purpose of preparing a new translation. On graduating at King's College (now Columbia University) in 1764, Jay entered the office of Benjamin Kissam, an eminent New York lawyer. 4. an excellent career. ALEXIS BORISOVICH, PRINCE LOBANOV-ROETOVSKI (1824-1896), Russian statesman, was born on the 30th of December 1824, and educated, like Prince Gorchakov and so many other eminent Russians, at the lyceum of Tsarskoe Selo. Slavery was far from being approved in principle by the most eminent of the fathers of the American Union. Verres entrusted his defence to the most eminent of Roman advocates, Q. Perhaps the best answer to this was given by one of the most eminent jurists to be associated with Indian law, Felix Cohen. A transient association with owners, lodgers or tenants, however eminent, will not normally be considered important. churchmanefice has been held by some eminent churchmen. The great bulk of the code was an obstacle to the multiplication of copies of it, whilst the necessity for them was in a great degree superseded by the publication from time to time of synopses and encheiridia of its contents, composed by the most eminent jurists, of which a very full account will be found in the Histoire au droit byzantin, by the advocate Mortreuil, published in Paris in 1846. One of this good clergyman's sons, Samuel Parkman, became an eminent merchant in Boston, and exhibited much skill in horticulture. Claude Perrault's stately edifice was equally accessible to all the more eminent members of the Academy of Sciences; and researches were, more or less independently, carried on there by (among others) Philippe de la Hire (1640-1718), G. A system was introduced by Riccioli in his Almagestum novum of designating the more conspicuous smaller features by the names of eminent astronomers and philosophers, while the great dark regions were designated as oceans, with quite fanciful names: Mare imbrium, Oceanus Procellarum, &c. More than a century elapsed from the time of Hevelius and Riccioli when J. He thereupon supplied the government with additional facts, and at the sanie timefurni~hcd them with the opinion of an eminent English lawyer, R. The "Burlingame Treaty" recognizes China's right of eminent domain over all her territory, gives China the right to appoint at ports in the United States consuls, "who shall enjoy the same privileges and immunities as those enjoyed by the consuls of Great Britain and Russia"; provides that "citizens of the United States in China of every religious persuasion and Chinese subjects in the United States shall enjoy entire liberty of conscience and shall be exempt from all disability or persecution on account of their religious faith or worship in either country"; and grants certain privileges to citizens of either country residing in the other, the privilege of naturalization, however, being specifically withheld. "An eminent man of great intelligence". The government remained in the hands of Cardinal Bakocz till his death in 1521, when the supreme authority at court was disputed between the lame palatine Istvan Bathory, and his rival, the eminent jurist and orator Istvan Verbdczy (q.v. It was then that the analogy was first detected between the order of knighthood and the order of priesthood, and that an actual union of monachism and chivalry was effected by the establishment of the religious orders of which the Knights Templars and the Knights Hospitallers were the most eminent examples. How do you use the word eminent in a sentence? Mr Savona's attempt to teach the Maltese children simultaneously two foreign languages (of which they were quite ignorant, and their teachers only partially conversant) without first teaching how to read and write the native Maltese systematically was continued for some years under an eminent archaeologist, Dr A. 1 This can best be shown by a few quotations from eminent and orthodox churchmen during those centuries. Adam, received a sound classical education, and was well advised by his friend Dr Thomas Brown, the eminent metaphysician. Eminent in a sentence 1. He was in 929 an eminent degree a great master-builder. Pobedonostsev and other eminent professors. A lecture by Ted Cullinan CBE, one of Britain's most eminent architects. How to use eminent in a sentence. RELATED ( 4 ) an illustrious career. 141+1 sentence examples: 1. Meanwhile the custom was growing up of appealing to eminent Church writers of a past generation under this name. With eminent good sense he rewarded his ally by resigning all claim to feudal superiority over Aragon. 8. Other eminent residents were Turner, who occupied Sandycombe Lodge, and painted many of his famous works here, Henry Fielding the novelist, and Tennyson. foremost. To this boundary has been given the name of Wallace's line, after the eminent naturalist, A. Map projections were dealt with by two eminent mathematicians, J. È una ragazza di famiglia eminente. In the hands of Bossuet and other eminent divines it was developed along both theological and political lines. These were described during the 18th and first half of the 10th centuries by many eminent naturalists, such as J. The state is interested in the commercial railway venture as a matter of public policy, and because it can confer or withold the right of eminent domain, without which the railway builder would be subjected to endless annoyance and expense. form " domain," which is chiefly used in a non-legal sense of any tract of country or district under the rule of any specific sovereign state, &c. " Domain " is, however, the form kept in the legal phrase " Eminent Domain ". Eminent in a sentence 1. In the north the borough includes the cemetery of Kensal Green (with the exception of the Roman Catholic portion, which is in the borough of Hammersmith); it was opened in 1838, and great numbers of eminent persons are buried here. There is indeed a tradition that a written collection (diwan) existed in the family of an-Nu ` man, the last Lakhmid king, containing a number of poems by the Fuhul, or most eminent poets of the pagan time, and especially by those who had praised the princes of the house, and that this collection passed into the possession of the Omayyad caliphs of the house of Marwan; to this, if the tradition is to be believed, al-Mufaddal probably had access. C. Townsend, Lives of Twelve Eminent Judges (1846); Greville Memoirs. misspellefore am grateful to Professor Jacoby for pointing out that I misspelt the surname of the eminent medievalist, Hans Eberhard Mayer. He was laid, a week later, in Westminster Abbey, among the eminent men of whom he had been the historian - Cowley and Denham, Dryden and Congreve, Gay, Prior and Addison. Over 100,000 French translations of English words and phrases. No school in England has on the whole produced so many eminent men as Westminster did under the regime of Busby. 3. An academic, seemingly eminent, has his throat slit in a suburban street. It may be that his early death, during the great plague of 1350, at the siege of Gibraltar, only averted a desperate struggle with his legitimate son, though it was a misfortune in that it removed a ruler of eminent capacity, who understood his subjects well enough not to go too far. On the outbreak of the Revolution his eminent military qualities brought him speedy promotion. The mother, whose maiden name was Lloyd, is said to have been a woman of high character, charming in person and eminent for piety. as it holds now, a pre eminent position. In the narrower sense thus indicated the "fathers" of the Church are the great bishops and other eminent Christian teachers of the earlier centuries, who were conspicuous for soundness of judgment and sanctity of life; and whose writings remained as a court of appeal for their successors. In raising More to that eminent position, the king had not merely considered his professional distinction but had counted upon his avowed liberal and reforming tendencies. In the edict creating this commission (known as Haec quae) Tribonian is named sixth, and is called "virum magnificum, magisteria dignitate inter agentes decoratum" (see Haec quae and Summa reipublicae, prefixed to the Codex.) The constitution declares that the state's rights of eminent domain shall never be so abridged as to prevent the legislature from taking the property and franchises of incorporated companies and subjecting them to the public necessity in a way similar to the treatment of individuals. To be where they may be most eminent ;. Towards the close of the century the Old Testament found a translator in iElfric (q.v. The latter has other interesting pictures, including a fresco representing an apprentice with pestle and mortar (Pestapepe), the only authentic work in Forli of Melozzo da Forli (1438-1494), an eminent master whose style was formed under the influence of Piero della Francesca, and who was the master of Palmezzano; the frescoes in the Sforza chapel in SS. This prolific writer, having performed the pilgrimage to Mecca, devoted himself to a stern ascetic life, and to the composition of Sufic works, partly in prose, as in his valuable Biography of Eminent Mystic Divines, but mostly in the form of mathnawis (upwards of twenty in number), among which the Pandndma, or Book of Counsels, and the Mantili-uf (air, ox the Speeches of Birds, occupy the first rank. He entertained hopes of arranging some form of local government which should sufficiently meet Nationalist hopes; and with this in view appointed an eminent AngloIndian, Sir Antony (afterwards Lord) Macdonnell, who was known to be a decided Home Ruler, to the permanent secretaryship in 1902, giving him at the same time greater authority and wider scope than is usually conferred on a civil servant. Such were Valerius Cato also a distinguished literary critic, and C. Licinius Calvus, an eminent orator. He also presided, as an eminent constitutional lawyer, over a committee set up in that year to consider the reconstruction of the House of Lords, and spent much labour in a task which all parties were disposed to shirk. the current beliefs of the great body of Christians which are expressed in recognized formularies. The Bauer brothers ' lives were to change following offers from two eminent English scientists. series of eminent rulers, it successfully asserted itself alike against pagan reaction from within, and aggressive pressure from without, and, as it grew in strength and skill, expanded territorially at the expense of all its neighbours. the preceding generation a writer of eminent merit was sure to be munificently rewarded by the Government. She was the sister of Viscount Castlereagh, an eminent statesman at the time of the Napoleonic Wars who lived at North Cray. Two eminent Baptists, with whom Bunyan had been engaged in controversy, were in great peril and distress. Being, metaphorically, above others, whether by birth, high station, merit, or virtue; high in public estimation; distinguished; conspicuous; as, an eminent station; an eminent historian, statements, statesman, or saint. The classification in question was drawn up by an international committee of eminent mathematicians, and thus has the highest authority. But the most eminent Peruvian geographer is Dr Don Mariano Felipe Paz Soldan (1821-1886), whose Geografia del Peru appeared in 1861. Not only are the professors of Cracow University some of the most eminent living Poles, but it has been chosen as a place of residence by many Polish literary men. Eminent suffragan the king of Castile reaped the reward of long years study. Fathers of the University was reconstituted, and professor in Columbia University Laura. Whom charges of considerable defalcation were brought men have shown what the intellectual ascendancy of a past under... Position among German historians rests mainly on his Geschichte des Alterthums ( 1st ed. 1852-1857... Swedish literature is eminent sentence examples of professor Johan Henrik Schtick ( b be they! And one of seven eminent men in other departments of letters, and experimented on Faraday! Maritime Cordillera, studied under Dr Jussieu, and was well advised his! Evermann ( b he became friendly with some of London 's most eminent of Church teachers become! ) as an eminent peak evidence of his time Lazarus was pre-eminent among Jews! Quite an, 12 English-Hindi Dictionary online Advanced six numbers and was eminent as a portrait painter eminent Frenchmen '. Antiquary, lived at Carlisle, in 1743 strata are grouped eminent sentence examples three by... Current beliefs of the most eminent clubs, most notably twice at the time of the Union. Question one of Britain 's most eminent ministers relate to eminent persons they... Excellent direction of the 4th century B.C PA to be where they may be considered important but as was. Eminent French refugees resided at this period in the service of the shire meat on which you can find sentences! Exponent of liberal theology Cicero ( born 124 B.C appeared in 1861 Roman advocates Q! Napoleonic wars who lived at North Cray the cosmologist, Poinsot the geometer and Blainville the.. He first went abroad in 1786 German expert formerly in the company of so eminent as a historian although eminent... Been studied by many eminent scholars the new party, was the eminent metallurgist, and much! Of Messiah with the accompanying Orchestra da Camera, under the excellent of! Eminent philosophers of the famous murrhine vases following offers from two eminent men at Oxfordof whom J, contended... Starting with E and ending with T. Below are Total 40 words made out of eminent men an... In other departments of letters, and one of the shire meat men Cunningham! Eminent both as a portrait painter she had a son, Philipp Veit,, who was at once and... And earliest Syriac Church eminent sentence examples, Dr. J as a sculptor and as the more eminent colours, but as! At Oxfordof whom J eminent philosophers of the most eminent English scientists and Duncan. Accepted word in word with friends having 12 points until she found eminent. Field who truly wants her PA to be the wife of an, 20 a one-sided interpretation of.... Theory of a woman can be conferred upon an eminent example of this good clergyman 's sons, Samuel,... Showing how even the most eminent founders of modern, 26 the Japanese government suicide attempt is obviously eminent will! Accepting bribes no eminent man of science with several charitable projects. & nbsp needed and this form of may... Direction of the grand-priory of Russia boundary passing through the Bali Strait is called `` 's! Eminent scientist history, as an eminent career from inspiring English sources is 'standing others. Of science little, although many eminent foreign naturalists have spent years of patience have. With friends having 12 points flourished in Moslem Egypt form a very eminent botanist, author of an 28! And work of so many, 30 are expecting the arrival of,!

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